The Banana Story (A Destiny of Debts)


The Banana Story

The Peoples Development Institute attended “The Banana Story”, a forum on Philippinebanana industry focusing on the situation of the banana farmer agrarian reform beneficiaries. In their introductory presentation, the sponsoring organization of lawyers for development, the IDEALS Inc. said: “After 28 years of implementation, farmer beneficiaries of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program continue to struggle from inadequate support services, while those who received agrarian lands suffer from unfair agri-business contracts. Over the years, various forms of agribusiness venture agreements or AVAs, relegated farmers to becoming laborers in their own land, and have pushed them back into a vicious cycle of debt and poverty, undermining the program’s vision of emancipating and empowering the Filipino peasantry.”

Photo below shows Loida Rivera, representing Peoples Development Institute to the forum, sharing her opinion on the problems of the banana farmer agrarian reform beneficiaries.

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