PDI-Bataan conducts training on NFST

PDI-Bataan natural farming training participants

PDI-Bataan natural farming training participants

Also known as “Korean Natural Farming and Technology”, Natural Farming System and Technology (NFST) uses local materials for both farm inputs and processing methodology. Natural farming principles follow the law of nature and respect for life. Natural farming is a sustainable farming method.

The idea of conducting the NFST Training came from our partner organizations PILAKMU during the needs assessment activity. The training was conducted on November 23, 2012 in Sitio Matalangao, Brgy. Banawang in Bagac, Bataan. It was attended by the members of PILAKMU and other interested farmers in the community. The one day training was facilitated by the CO of PDI-Bataan.

The training taught the participants how to formulate concoctions of foliar fertilizers like:

a) IMO – Indigenous Micro-Organisms
b) FFJ – Fermented Fruit Juice
c) FPJ – Fermented Plant Juice
d) FAA – Fish Amino Acid
e) OHN – Oriental Herbal Nutrient
f) Calcium/Calcium Phosphate

The farmer participants actively participated: they chopped the raw materials, mixed it with molasses and put them in pails. All concoctions needed to be fermented and the liquid extracted after few days. The POs plan to establish a demo farm for the application of the organic fertilizers and for the experimental planting of seeds and crops.