Photo Documentation: 4th CCP

Water System in Belbel


Page-2-Image-1Mr. Rudy Cabalic, Charman of Samahan ng Katutubong Aeta ng Belbel, Baytan (SAKABBA) at the top of the water tank.


Page-2-Image-2Aeta workers help out during the construction of the water system in Belbel, Baytan




Page-3-Image-4Aeta leaders test the water system






Page-5-Image-7Water testing


Page-5-Image-8Mang Jose, a farmer leader of SAMAKABBA, helps during the construction of the water system.


Water System in Margot


Page-6-Image-9Construction of the overhead tank

Page-6-Image-10Workers insert the pipe on the hole


Page-7-Image-11The electrician installing control of the water system

Page-7-Image-12The farmers expressed their happiness with the result of the construction of water tank


Page-8-Image-13Hoses are connected to the water system to reach crops, households and vegetable garden.


Page-8-Image-14Peasant families fetching water for their home consumption




Page-9-Image-16The water system established by the Project in Margot, Pampanga


Water System in Poonbato



Page-10-Image-17Water source for the water system to be established in Poonbato




Page-11-Image-19Building the secondary tank


Page-11-Image-20Hoses bring the water to the houses of the Aetas


Page-12-Image-21Established secondary tank in the mountain


Page-12-Image-22Finishing of the tank in the area




Page-13-Image-23Leadership training for Aetas to prepare them in managing the water system


Page-13-Image-24Financial Management Training to teach Aetas how to manage their resources


Non Formal Education



Page-14-Image-25NFE/EPIK Graduation in Botolan, Zambales


Page-14-Image-26NFE parents meeting and consultation on other issues.


Elf Truck



Page-15-Image-27PDI 4×4 Elf-type service truck


Page-15-Image-28PDI truck is used not only to transport goods and products of the IPs but also as transportation of the Aetas


Solar Panel in Poonbato


Page-16-Image-29The solar panel at the roof of Aeta house in Poonbato


Page-16-Image-30Light bulb charged by the solar panel illuminates Aeta kitchen in Poonbato.


Farms in Margot, Angeles, Pampanga



Page-17-Image-31Mango harvest








Page-19-Image-35Cassava planting


Page-19-Image-36Bottle Gourd on the vine. Note the “lahar” soil.


Farms in Poonbato, Botolan, Zambales



Page-20-Image-37Sweet Potatoes




Page-21-Image-39Diversified planting: banana, corn, vegetables




SAGIP – Super Mix


Page-22-Image-41Products from the farm were dehydrated and pulverized. Powdered moringga, cassava and mongo are packed as nutrifood, a nutritious food product that can be used as food supplement for infants and the elderly. Nutrifood can be mixed with soup or any viand for added nutrients


Page-22-Image-42Crumbled cassava are placed in flat trays for drying.


Page-23-Image-43Moringga leaves are picked from stem to be dried as part of the Nutrifood Powdered form


Page-23-Image-44Powdered form super mix is displayed by the Nagkakaisang Kababaihan ng Pasambot (MKP)