Photo Documentation: 2nd CCP

1Formation-of-WorkingFormation of Working Committees for Poonbato

2Elsa-NovoElsa Novo, chairperson of Samahang Katutubo ng Poonbato pinpointed areas in Poonbato and Belbel where the water springs are located

3General-assemblyGeneral assembly of Belbel residents in preparation of the construction of the water system

4Water-committee-proceededWater committee proceeded to Eastern Barangay Poonbato for site inspection of water sources

5A-water-site-was-identified-in-BelbelA water site was identified in Belbel Community as possible source of water

6Second-water-spring-siteSecond water spring site was identified in Belbel

7Ayta-community-at-the-small-waterAyta community at the small water impounding site in Poonbato.

8Hoses-connected-the-springHoses connected the spring to a water tank.

9Hoses-were-connectedHoses were connected to the water impounding project (SWIP) to bring the water source nearer to the Ayta communities.

Women Aytas getting water. The SWIP shortened the distance that they had to walk to get water by 4 kilometers.

11Engineering--ConstructionEngineering Construction- Belbel Water Tank

12RBA-Training--in-BelbelRBA Training in Belbel

13Solar-PanelSolar Panel installed in Poonbato

14Aytas-looking-upAytas looking up at the lighted bulb powered by the solar panel. There is no electricity in Poonbato.

15The-Margot-water-reservoirThe Margot water reservoir is used for drinking, domestic uses and irrigation.

16Farmer-operating-the-water-pumpFarmer operating the water pump to irrigate hid farmland in Margot.

17Corn-canCorn can now be planted in Margot because the farms have access to water.

18Vegetable-gardens2Vegetable gardens have been planted in Margot for crop diversification.
Note the “lahar” soil. It has been 22 years since the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo.

19water-project-in-Margot1The community discussed the policies on usage and maintenance of the water project in Margot, Pampanga


Processing of herbal teas.



Zambales Parateachers Values Formation Training Activities:

23ViesVies, one of the parateachers, discussed the module and teaching plans.

24Elsa-Novo-explained-the-program-detailElsa Novo explained the program details to parateachers from Bgy. Poonbato.