PASAMAKA-L (United Women Peasant Organizations of Luzon)


(United Women Peasant Organizations of Luzon) 



PASAMAKA-L (Pagkakaisa ng mga Samahan ng Magsasakang Kababaihan – Luzon) was established in March 8, 2005 to raise the awareness of peasant women regarding their rights in society, the community and the family.
Vision: Women who are aware of their rights and act freely to raise their consciousness and dignity for a just and prosperous society.
Mission:  To achieve unity and raise the level of dignity and consciousness of all peasant women in Central Luzon regarding their rights and to empower them through collective learning and action.


  1. Develop the level of knowledge and skills of peasant women through various trainings.
  1. Help peasant women assert their voices in order for their rights and abilities to be recognized by society, the community and their family.


  1. To implement the various projects of PASAMAKA-L.
  2. To launch relevant trainings and workshops for women.
  3. To stabilize, strengthen and expand the Women’s Federation.
  4. To establish relations and networks with the private sector.


  1. PASAMAKA-L has conducted gender and development training, CEDAW training and skills development training for local women organizations in Central Luzon.
  1. Gave livelihood trainings on making vinegar, soy sauce, siomai (dimsum) and hamburger; and herbal medicine.
  1. Joined regional and national mobilizations and rallies to fight for women’s rights; e.g. Gender and Development (GAD) allocation.
  1. Negotiated with the municipal offices (in Magalang, Pampanga, Botolan, Zambales and Coron, Palawan) to allocate GAD Funds to peasant and IP women at the barangay level.