BUKAL (IP Association in Luzon)


(IP Association in Luzon)


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BUKAL (Bukluran ng mga Katutubo sa Luzon) was organized in February 20, 2006 with the assistance of PDI to unify IPs of Central Luzon and Northern Palawan around issues concerning their Ancestral Domain and to uplift their capacity in political, social and economic aspects.The members and officers of the said organization are mainly Indigenous Peoples. The organization has a set of officers with Danilo Salonga as President.
Vision: For IPs to practice self-governance inside their Ancestral Domains as regards political, cultural, economic and social aspects.
Mission: BUKAL is pro-IP. It advocates the protection of the environment and the preservation of its cultural heritage.




  1. To strengthen IP organizations in Luzon and uplift their capacity in political, social and economic aspects.
  2. To train and capacitate leaders with dignity, honesty and integrity.
  1. BUKAL joined various mobilizations and rallies to support the right to adequate food, IP rights, women’s rights, mining issues, illegal logging and right to education.
  1. BUKAL leaders have undergone various trainings on leadership skills and re-echoed their learnings and experiences to theIP communities in Bataan and Zambales.
  1. PDI and the Aytas of Bataan conducted a series of dialogues and negotiations with the Local Government Units to access financial support for the delineation of the Ancestral Domains/Lands in all IP communities and for Livelihood Projects.
  1. Learned skills for the production of camote and banana chips and transform traditional medicines into capsules and tisanes (tea). With the help of PDI, packaging was developed for these products.
  1. Enhancement of skills in traditional healing/massage.